2020 6月

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狭山市の姉妹都市 アメリカ合衆国オハイオ州ワージントン市広報担当官 アン・H・ブラウン氏からのお便りをご紹介します。

Hello SIFA!


I hope you are both doing well, staying home and are healthy. Same goes for your wonderful families. These sure are difficult times, but this pandemic shows us that we are one big family across the globe. We are able to do amazing things to come together and support each other in times of need. I hope the feeling of togetherness and support last long after this emergency is over.


I am writing to officially share an update from Worthington and WIFA about our plans for the remainder of the year.
Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to officially postpone the 2020 Worthington citizens delegation to Sayama and hope that it can move forward in 2021. I know this is disappointing news, but it was expected. Besides the global pandemic, health risks, and restrictions on travel, the financial crisis that our cities are facing means reductions and budget cuts that impact the entire organization, including WIFA and I expect Sayama and SIFA, as well.

私は、WIFA(Worthington International Friendship Association)とSIFAの今年度の事業について(WIFAとしての)公式見解をお話しします。

With SIFA and Sayama’s agreement, we will delay the Worthington to Sayama citizens delegation for this year and plan for it to take place in 2021. We will still need to evaluate the feasibility once the situation becomes more clear for 2021, but I’m hopeful we will be able to resume our delegation exchange at that time. Please share our thanks with SIFA, the City of Sayama, and especially all of our friends who have been so caring and supportive of our Worthington citizens. We miss you all terribly and are hoping that you are all getting along well, despite current challenges.


While we are planning to postpone this in-person exchange, the WIFA Board is discussing some fun ideas for connecting with you all virtually. As Atsushi-san mentioned to me in an earlier message, it would be great for us to have a virtual party, celebration, connection between Worthington and Sayama friends. We could set up a virtual meeting time for us all to log in, catch up, and celebrate our friendships. We could share some fun memories commemorating our friendship, videos, photos (sharing a screen). We could see how we are all doing and what our lives have been like during this stay at home time.


Another idea is to share photos with each other of our “stay at home” situation, wearing our face coverings, sending messages of hope and strength.

他にも、互いの ”Stay At Home” (自宅待機)状況下でマスクをつけた写真を共有し、励まし合いの言葉を掛け合うというアイデアも出されました。

Also, we thought we might be able to have a virtual program for our WIFA & SIFA membership with a panel of speakers that can share during a more formal program. Maybe the Mayor/City Manager or Fire officials would join to compare and learn from each other about how we are managing the crisis. Also, schools, libraries… someone talking about senior citizens and how they are being assisted and cared for. How are young people managing with online school and learning needs? We could have Q&A and discussion.
We’d have to figure out the best time based on the time difference and also how translation might be handled. We could have someone on our end translating and you could have someone on your end? We can figure out the logistics, but I think the possibilities are endless! Even once we resume in person visits we can continue to meet virtually between visits to stay in touch and schedule joint programs for our members.

それらの企画を実行に移すのに最適な時間帯はいつが良いか? 両国間の時差への対応や進行をどうするか、お互いの通訳をどうするか、やり方や可能性は無限にあるかと思われます。ネット上で互いに音信を取り合うことで、企画について話合い、相互交流企画をすることで友情の絆は深まります。

The Worthington community has been staying strong and supporting each other during this crisis. While we have had some confirmed cases (39 as of May 1) and have sadly lost 6 Worthington citizens to the virus, people are generally remaining positive and taking steps to protect the health of themselves, their families and neighbors.


Businesses have been closed with the exception of essential services, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. The Ohio Governor has just announced a few steps to begin some reopenings, but it will be very slow and controlled to see if infections rise. Everyone is still ordered to keep distant and wear face coverings.


Restaurants are closed,  but can provide carry-out or delivery service. Our Schools have been doing online learning since mid-March. Their school year ends in mid-May so they will finish out the year online. Everyone is sad that people graduating from high school and college (including my daughter) will not have an in-person graduation ceremony or experience many end-of high school and end-of college traditions.


Many graduations and other programs are being held virtually and people are figuring out ways to connect in other ways. Summer festivals and other larger events are being cancelled. Right now, most events are cancelled through June and the City of Worthington is coordinating with other central Ohio cities on a joint announcement to cancel all fireworks and 4th of July celebrations in the region.

多くの卒業式やその他の行事はネット上で開催予定となっており、従来のやり方から今できるやり方へ代用する工夫をしながら臨機応変に対応しています。夏祭りやその他大きなイベントは全て中止されました。現在のところ、6月迄の殆ど全てのイベントが中止され、ワージントン市と近隣のオハイオ州中心地域の都市と合同で今年の米国独立記念日(4th of July)の式典及びに花火大会を中止する発表をする準備をしています。

City office buildings have been closed since mid-March, except for Police and Fire services, but most City services remain available with all full-time staff, including me, working from home. I have been able to adjust quite well because much of my communications work getting information out to the public is done electronically through our website, social media, and other electronic newsletters and methods.


For emergency operations we are in an “Incident Command Structure” which is an organized response method for emergencies. It has been working really well to coordinate emergency response with City leaders. Right now we’re working on a phased plan to begin reopening some offices… although the social distancing, face coverings, sanitizing actions will remain. Here is a link to the City’s website section that I developed about the coronavirus, with daily updates about the situation, info on City service changes, event cancellations, and resources for helping others or getting help.

これは緊急事態下対処方法に則ったものであり、行政のリーダーの指揮系統です。現在、いくつかの事務所再開に向けての準備を開始したところですが、ソーシャルディスタンス(感染予防に妥当な距離)、マスク着用、手洗いなどの衛生行動はそのまま継続されていく予定です。 以下のリンクは市のホームページ上で私が担当している新型コロナウィルス関連のページです。行政サービスに関するページでイベントのキャンセル状況などの情報が毎日更新されます。

Here are a couple of articles that also have more information about how Worthington is doing. Hopefully they translate ok. The first is a special column submitted by City Manager Matt Greeson, the second is an article about the Incident Command emergency response.

Masa, I’m interested to hear more about how the City of Sayama is handling the emergency. Are City offices closed and you are working from home?
We have had many businesses close and many people are unemployed now and struggling. We all hope that we can get “back to normal” soon but know that it will never back to the same and that we will see a new normal once the virus subsides and we have a vaccine to help protect us all. I hope that time comes soon.


Please share my well wishes to all of our SIFA friends, City officials and others who are working so hard to help your community during this crisis. Let’s work together to find ways to connect virtually and bring our citizens together.


Take care and stay healthy!!
Your friend,

アン   2020年4月

Anne H. Brown
Community Relations/Public Information Officer
City of Worthington


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